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Now create, track and share links for your brand with our easiest platform. Track every touchpoint like click or tap to increase customer engagement with your customized links.

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Create all your short links for different domains and brands from our user friendly links dashboard.


Track your links as single or as a part of campaigns to get multidimensional analysis across different channels.


Fine tune each link for each exclusive customer to give him a unique user experience.

How It Works

We help you in creating short links with your own custom domains. All you need to do is to put the cluttered links you want to shorten and select the domain you want. Once shortened, we provide real time analytics for all the links shortened.

Also with, you can generate multi-channel campaigns and promote your business across different platforms like social media, sms, email by sharing the url's generated and capturing real time analytics to drive your business.

Who Can Use

Who Can Use is perfect for everyone who wants to publish and promote content online. People are using to instantly create, share and track custom short links. It's a perfect fit for digital marketers, Developers, Bloggers, Social Influencers, Small Businesses and Digital Marketing Agencies.

Brand Visibility

Improve your brand visibility and trust by creating branded link with custom domains.

Great Customer Experience

Create awesome user experience with short urls and capture powerful user insights.

High Click Through Rate

Achieve higher click through rate with our optimized url redirection algorithms.

Easy Integration

Use our REST Api to integrate your CRM or custom application to create dynamic links.

Powerful Analytics

Get insights on dimensions like Geolocation, Browser, OS etc. on a single dashboard.

Intelligent Routing

Route your links differently for differnt users by creating a custom routing flow.

Our Pricing Plan


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Good for Students, Individuals who want to explore the system.

  • CustomLinks

  • Retargeting

  • Multichannel Campaigns

  • Branded Links


Perfect for Digital Marketers or small teams who wants to promote and share content online.

  • CustomLinks

  • Retargeting

  • Multichannel Campaigns

  • Branded Links


Perfect for small and medium enterprises having diffrent promotional or transactional campaigns.

  • CustomLinks

  • Retargeting

  • Multichannel Campaigns

  • Branded Links

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